The installation ‘Yellow Hands, Yellow Ears’ (2019) by Dewi Bekker has been on show in the exhibition New Fashion Narratives at Bureau Europa, Maastricht (NL).

The installation Yellow hands, yellow ears of Dewi Bekker revolves around the extent in which visual identity can be shaped. “In particular the alter ego is an important theme within my practice. Our appearance determines the identity that we reveal to the other and this may be subject to change. The changeable nature of the presented ‘I’ and our tendency to constantly refine it and even wipe it completely off the table, fascinate me.“

In her projects she is looking for the tipping point from ‘human being’ to ‘thing’. She is driven by the following questions:How can someone be unrecognizable but not anonymous? And is the physical body needed to display a visual alter ego? She explores these questions by making use of the human body, sculpture, objects and fashion. This resulted in an installation, which examines material in relation to the human body.

The work has been on show in the exhibition New Fashion Narratives, curated by Fashionclash. Bureau Europa, Maastricht (NL), 17 October – 3 November 2019.

photography: Janne van Gilst