Our works are on show at NEST, The Hague (NL). We are part of Out and About, an outdoor program by NEST in times when art institutions need to keep their doors shut. Join us in the garden on 30 April 2021!

Anouk van Klaveren
Gino Anthonisse
Christa van der Meer
Dewi Bekker

This exhibition is a gathering of some individual works by the members of Das Leben am Haverkamp – the plastic chair as a stage for a current development in their artistic life.

Joost Haverkamp interviews the members about their contributions.

Christa what do you present in your chair? It looks intriguing!
C: ‘It’s a body, constructed by many, many knots. He sprouted from a macrame workshop a while back’

Gino what can you tell about your plastic chair? You even brought two chairs!
G: ‘Two suits which escaped from the office to chill in this garden, they no longer need the bodies.’

Wow Dewi, what is it we see here?
D: ‘It is a work made from vacuum formed PET and latex that has been worn on the naked body of a performer. It is left behind as a residue of an alter ego.’

A: ‘There is not so much sitting in my chair. Nevertheless, I took the time to decorate it with fluffy push buttons. I start to appreciate decoration more and more lately.’

30 April 2021
De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b
The Hague (NL)

photography: Lotte van Uittert