Design Museum Den Bosh invited us to create a work for their exhibition Sneakers Under Construction, opening 11 June 2022!

Immersed in the paradoxical world of patents and certificates of authenticity, the collective Das Leben am Haverkamp dissects the aura of the immensely popular Nike Air Jordan. Due to its exclusivity, this sneaker is arguably the most counterfeit sneaker in history.

With the work 1:1 – an encounter between real and fake Das Leben am Haverkamp questions: how do patents perpetuate existing power structures? What myth surrounds the exclusive Jordans, and what promise is this cult based on? How does it survive when counterfeit and original hardly differ from each other in terms of material properties?

1:1 is a hybrid sneaker that consists of two Jordans; the original and its forgery. One obtained the collective through an English webshop, which they had an authenticity check carried out for a fee. The others they bought on the Haagse Markt. 1:1 explores the complex value system in which the Jordans operate.

Commissioned by Design Museum Den Bosch for the exhibition Sneakers Under Construction by the Young Design Team.

11 June – 24 September 2022
Design Museum
De Mortel 4
5211 HV Den Bosch (NL)