In November and December we will transform the facade of our studio into an open air cinema. We welcome a new generation of image makers in the field of animation, fine art, fashion and costume design and beyond to be part of this program!

16 July–10 September 2023

Submit your film, moving image or animation for the Das Leben am Haverkamp open air screening!

Das Leben am Haverkamp’s Screening Alter Egos is a program exploring the human body and the act of dressing up as a vehicle for change. Collectively we aim to research the power and politics of the costumed body. How does your alter ego, speculative being or body extension challenge, analyze or change our understanding of current times? What perspective does it give for the future? Show us what you’ve got!

Our studio is located at a lively thoroughfare on the edge of central The Hague, The Netherlands. Strolling around from their homes to work/for the sake of Chinese food/to go to the mosque/for shopping/amids The Hague’s contemporary art scene/to the cinema/to the red light district, your work will reach a diverse audience passing by our studio. Screening Alter Egos is part of OBSESSED Jewelry festival and Hoogtij! 

Selected filmmakers will receive a 1055 euro artist fee to make a silent triptych edit of the work. Our big windows will operate as three separate portrait orientated projection surfaces, ready for you to be covered with a triptych of moving images. Please note that the screening does not allow sound. Technical support for installing the work will be provided. 

Deadline for submission is 10 September. Applications will be reviewed by an external selection committee. The selection of the artists will be based on the quality of the work, the connection with the theme Alter Egos and how it suits the given context of the window. 

Applicants will be notified about the selection results mid October. 

We look forward to receiving your films! 

Submit your film here

What we offer:

  • An experimental screening platform of for your work in the busy streets of The Hague, The Netherlands.

  • An artist fee of €1055 for the selected artists.

  • Technical support for installing the work. 

  • A curious and diverse audience, being part of OBSESSED Jewelry Festival and Hoogtij. 

What we look for:

  • Experimental films and moving image projects on the subject of Alter Egos

  • Image makers in the field of animation, fine art, fashion and costume design, that are willing to edit a silent Triptych for our window from their existing work. 

How to apply:

  • Fill out the application form in which you explain your idea.

  • Include a streaming link (Vimeo, Youtube, or similar) in which we can watch a 1 minute crop or teaser of the submitted film. 

Window screening dimensions in mm

Left: 735 x 2140
Middle: 1590 x 2440
Right: 720 x 2140

About Das Leben am Haverkamp: 

Das Leben am Haverkamp (meaning: life at the Haverkamp), is an artist-run space by Anouk van Klaveren, Christa van der Meer, Dewi Bekker and Gino Anthonisse. Together they speak and discuss the current state of something we delightfully – but often problematically – call fashion. Inspired by the quirky reality of daily life and the human need for myths and alter egos, all members indulge the mystic urge to create. Gathering makers, thinkers and a curious audience in their projectspace in The Hague (NL) they collectively investigate fashion’s absurd, magical and seductive nature.

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