During REWIRE festival Das Leben am Haverkamp proudly presents HUM (an/other) – an interactive audiovisual installation by Angelo Custódio. Addressing the body’s vulnerability from a crip/queer perspective, the work fuses image, sound and vibration into an intimate experience.

7–10 April 2022

The immersive participatory installation expands listening through touch and artificial intelligence: a machine learning system reacting to visitors processes the artist’s voice. Visitors are invited to place a custom made tactile transducer on their own bodies, merging themselves with a hybrid organism. The spectator’s body becomes the material through which sound travels and is amplified.

Angelo Custódio (1983) is a Portuguese artist living in Amsterdam. Trained as a classical singer, he explores the relations between poetics and techno-embodied ways of voicing. He urges to nourish empathic understandings of identities, with a focus on the contemporary failure towards queer bodies and bodies with disability.

HUM (an/other) is included in the program Proximity Music: Sensing After Thought during REWIRE festival.

Supported by Mondriaan Fonds, Stroom Den Haag and Stichting Stokroos.

Concept and direction: Angelo Custódio
Live electronics and programming: Tatiana Rosa
Image direction and editing: Pedro Matias
Text and voice: Angelo Custódio
Technical support: Michele Abolaffio
Wearable design and development: Arthur Guilleminot