Studying at Sandberg Institute’s MA F for Fact, has drawn Anouk van Klaveren to explore the art of coffee ground reading.

Can we unlearn scepticism? Anouk van Klaveren tries to do so, by challenging the negative connotation of “Dat is koffiedik kijken” (= A matter of reading coffee grounds). What can we learn from this ancient practice, when we look beyond the question of true or false?

Through the World Wide Web, Anouk got in contact with Mario Baker, a fortune teller from Greece. Mario became her remote teacher by sharing his knowledge on the meaning of symbols in coffee ground.

The readings offer her a genuine encounter with her classmates, with whom she practices. Every now and then they would flip over a cup of coffee. Recognising dogs, trees and pizza slices in the coffee ground offers entrypoints to share imaginations about the future.

With this ongoing photo series captures the cups.

F for Fact is temporary interdiciplinairy Master Programme, part of Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam (NL)

At a moment in time when facts are framed as fantasy and feelings equal truth, F for Fact investigates different forms of knowledge through an artistic lens. But what counts as knowledge? What’s the difference between truth and meaning? How are narratives shaped and by whom? Find more about the master program here.